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Like Welcome Back! - RP

Between Roddy running away and moving in with Yao, Feliks' life had been in more of an upheaval than it usually was. But when he got the phonecall that Toris was finally coming back, Feliks sprung into action and dropped everything he was doing. He hunted down Mattie and got a key to Toris' room and immediately set about putting his own personal touch on everything. There was more space with Matt gone so he took the liberty of rearranging furniture in a way that opened up the room. He even bought a couple of rugs and a new coffee table to improve the feng shui or whatever Yao had been trying to explain to him. All he knew was that it looked bright and cheery and was hopefully just what Toris needed. And if not, at least Feliks liked it and wouldn't mind spending time there.

Feliks set out a tray of some of Toris' favorite food and lit a couple of candles, then waited like an over-stimulated puppy by the door for the sound of Toris swiping his key card.



Of course I'm super excited. I think my Jareth outfit went over pretty well, so I might just do that. But I dunno gang. Since Toris can't come I'll be going stag... not so much fun in a dress. Well, maybe. But I don't wanna wear the one I was planning on since I won't have a date to match, and I don't have time to make a new one, and I'm soooo not wearing something I've already worn before. You know what

((OOC: boss just extended my shift so I'll be officially free after 5:30 sob))

Dudes, why the long faces???


I hope everyone just makes up and gets it on moves on soon, because we have a party coming up! Speaking of which, the dance team will be doing something awesome for you all so prepare your bodies, you are not ready for this. :D

Toris and I still need to come up with costumes. Usually I'm ready for this like months in advance but detention has made it kinda hard to move ahead.

...Guys, what can I do to cheer you all up???? I don't like seeing my friends all sad and junk. :(


We were able to get all the decorations up in the gym late last night. I still feel totally awful about Erik...he said he forgave me but I know he's still mad. I manage to screw things up so fantastically it's almost an art. :\

Anyway, I just finished with Mattie's hair. It looks soooo pretty--a cute ponytail and a red ribbon, and his hair holds curl so well! *jealous* He's stunning. ;)

My dress is beautiful, two shades of pink and off-the-shoulder. So many crinolines beneath, I have to be careful when I sit or it will totally fly up in my face!


Shall we Toris?





My door will be open all night as I get things ready for what will totally be the best dance you've ever been to. Come in and help with balloons and posters and gossip or if you need advice on what to wear!

Stop on by any time and stay as long as you like! I don't know where Roddy is and he can just deal.


It didn't work

But like, A for effort right?

Humph. Can't wait to see what I have to do for my detentions. :\

Anywhoo, the routine for squad tryouts is coming together now (after totally sacrificing my artistic integrity because SOME PEOPLE thought it was too fabulous). And Ivan and I are going to hold tryouts for the dance team too so get ready. ;)

Some of the decorations for the sock hop arrived today! They're soooo perfect and magical. Everyone better bring a great date because you don't want to do this solo!

Who wants to have a balloon-blowing up party the night before? I'll need some help! Roddy's got plenty of hot air but I don't think I can make him participate.

Off to make a flyer for tryouts and put it on the board!

the next morning

*blinks awake, finding a peacefully sleeping Toris by his side*

*reaches for the phone in his jeans pocket and slowly sits up, still slightly confused*

*it hits*

...oh good sweet mother of Lady Gaga WTF HAPPENED LAST NIGHT

*looks through phone*


So uhhh

please ignore the following texts I apparently sent last night:Collapse )

hnnngggggg I'm pretty sure whatever braincells I killed were ones that weren't working too hard to begin with so I'm not super worried.

My eyes are puffy. My brain is puffy. Like... I'm one giant puff ball of pain and moderate regret. I'm... Imma just crawl back to my room now and hope Roddy is there because I'll be fucked if I know where my key is.

*kisses Toris' forehead and oh so carefully tries to slip out from under the covers without waking him*

...is it still a walk of shame if you didn't get any?


I am so dragging tail today. I didn't get any sleep last night! Why? RODERICH SNORES. And I don't mean cute little bird twittering noises like Toris makes. I mean being violently woken up wondering how the hell Alfred got in our room with his chainsaw. And nothing stops him! I rolled him on his side, threw the covers off, dipped his hand in warm water (okay that one was just for fun), and kinda considered smothering him with a pillow but I totally wouldn't have had an alibi. So it just kept going all night!

Liz, I'm like not trying to pry or anything but OMG invest in a good set of noise canceling headphones.

I'm nodding off in every class this morning. Not cool. I just gotta make through the day because I think I'm going out for ice cream tonight. Oh, and then I gotta find a super beautiful boutonniere for the dance coming up. I mean, if someone asks me to go. *HINT*

If anyone needs me I'll be napping in Geometry. Take good notes Arthur, I'm copying them later.


Apr. 12th, 2011

*fwump* Oh man it's been such a long day! I had to try and get all my stuff moved in after classes, then run back to the ones I missed for syllabus' and stuff. But I think this year's gonna be super rad:

Music Theory & Aural Comprehension
Ballet (with Ivan!)
History of Fashion (tch, don't even need to show up for this one)
European Literature II
Geometry (hi Arthur!)
Eastern Religions

And once the season starts, the squad will meet three times a week. The equestrian club meets on Saturdays but I wanna sleeeeeeep... We'll see if I can make it to that.

So happy to see everyone again! Oh, and I forgot my Wii but my folks are sending it over so once that's here it's totally MARIO PARTY FRIDAYS ALL UP IN CLUB ŁUKASIEWICZ


no way

My train was late, I missed some of my first classes, my folks wouldn't let me bring my pony, I can't find Liet and when I finally get to the dorms I find him???




So like always, summer was waaaaaay too short. Barely got a tan, had to do lots of boring chores and assigned reading and I still have a stupid curfew. Blech. But here's a list of things that happened that were totally cool:

* Got to see Liet a lot. Haha, that's an awesome phrase to say fast! LIETALOTLIETALOTLIETALOT …I can't feel my tongue anymore...

* I hear we're totally allowed to bring one pet back with us. Hope my roommate doesn't mind. How much room does a pony really need anyway? Our pad's gonna be the COOLEST.

* Driver's License!!! Roundabouts are super fun! My goal is to get through one on only two wheels. I almost did it one time but Liet was sitting on the wrong side of the car. Fatty.

* Finished the new routine for the squad! I just have to check with the Dean to see if glitter cannons are allowed in the stadium. And then get Ludwig to build me like fifteen of them.

So anyway, here I am, packing up to head back for my junior year. I have to cram for the summer reading test (for real, did they expect me to get through all of Anna Karinina? That book is like a thousand pages of Total Bummer and words I have to look up. Ummm no thanks.)

And speaking of roommates, I wonder who I'll get this year? As long as it's not Roderich again, I think I'll be okay. Dude can't take a joke. Like ever. Painting his violin hot pink was a total upgrade. ...what if it's someone I don't know? Oh no. Not cool. So not cool! D: Maybe I can put in a request? I can't be with a stranger!

I gotta go calm down and then try to study. Yeah, like that's happening. Maybe I'll play It Girl on Facebook for a while. :(

See you guys soon!